Our highschoolers are back from Mexico!! 

Student Ministries

Student Ministries consists of our Jr. High Ministry, called Midway, and our High School Ministry, called Campus After Dark (best known as CAD). 
We also have Trail Life and American Heritage Girls to help develop Godly character in our youth.

Our Mission:

  • Connect: Connecting with Jesus
  • Grow: Growing Together
  • Go: Going to Make Disciples

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Midway is our Junior High ministry reaching students from 6th thru 8th grade and is Pastored by Dan Horst. Students are challenged with the basics of living as a believer in their schools and homes, growing as worshipers, and developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Contact Dan Horst for more information about Midway.
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Campus After Dark (CAD)

Campus After Dark (CAD) is River Valley’s Senior High School age ministry and is Pastored by Roger Haberman. Challenging both new believers and those who are growing and committed to a lifelong faith in Christ, CAD is built around intimate and ardent worship, biblical teaching and application, with an emphasis on small group involvement and personal growth.
Contact Roger Haberman for more information about CAD.
Mexico 2015 Group
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American Heritage Girls & Trail Life

We are proud to participate in programs that help develop Godly character in our youth. The following two programs meet at the Redwood Campus at the same time and place for whole family involvement.

American Heritage Girls

is a Christ-centered, character building program for girls 5-18.  Our mission is to “build women of integrity through service to God, family, community and country.” This is accomplished through age-appropriate badge work, community service, special event, devotionals, and more.
Trail Life USA
is a Christian adventure, character, and leadership program for young men. 
If you would like more information, complete the Contact Us form and select American Heritage Girls or Trail Life as the subject.

American Heritage Girls
Trail Life