In addition to our Life Groups, we have many specialty groups called Specialty Life Groups. These seasonal classes and groups have a specific topic/emphasis and seek to incorporate Life Group DNA.
Our Specialty Life Groups are open to everyone and are offered on a variety of days, places, and times, throughout the week and on the weekend. All provide an opportunity to help you deepen your understanding of God and your ability to walk with Him so you can more effectively love and serve others.

Winter Season Groups:

If you have ever struggled with insecurity or had trouble accepting your limitations, this study will help you see how God can use your weakness to unlock His strength.
When:   Jan 18 – Mar 1 2018
Where:  O-101, Downtown Campus
Cost:     $16 
Registration: Begins Dec 12 – Ends Jan 26 at 9pm

Books can be picked up at the Downtown Campus Administration Office Mon – Thu 9am-4pm. Call Sharon Goens with questions: 476-0700. NOTE: Cash or Check payments must be made at the Downtown Campus Administration Office.

When:   Jan 18 – Apr 5 
Where:  P-213, The Point 
Cost:     $7 
Registration: Begins Dec 11 – Ends Jan 27 at 9pm 
Holy Habits is a 8-9 week class taught by Pastor Doug Higuera. “Train yourselves for godliness.” 1Tim. 4:7. God has planted new life in the believer. From the moment of regeneration we are either being formed toward Christ or formed toward self. We will look at the time proven practices that help us move toward Christlikeness.
When:   Jan 14 – Mar 11, two times to choose from: 8:30-10am or 10-11:10am
Where:  The Point
Cost:     Free 
Registration: Begins Dec 30 – Ends Jan 22 at 9pm
Develop the tools and skills to better share your faith with others. Two options to choose from: Monday, January 22 – 6:30-8pm 1334 Sun Glo Dr. Contact Jon Clement (541) 292-6907 or Wednesday, January 24 6:30-8pm 5907 Cloverlawn Dr. Contact Kirt & Kathy Metcalf (541) 660-2749.
Cost:     Free 
Registration: Begins Dec 30 – Ends Jan 22 at 9pm
“Every storm is an opportunity to grow.” Alex Costanzo is totally blind and has cancer, yet she has learned to walk by her faith in God and not by sight…literally! If you, or someone you know, is struggling with cancer, come join us in this ground-breaking group that focuses on support, information, and GOD’S presence, while ministering to cancer survivors, their loved-ones, care-givers, and more. This is an ongoing group, join anytime.
When:   Jan 6 – May 19
Where:  P-105, The Point
Cost:     Free
Registration: Begins Dec 14 – Ends May 19 at 9pm
Support group for those struggling in these areas. Meets 2nd and 4th Saturdays. First meeting (on Jan 20) is informational. Open ended – join anytime. 
When:   Jan 20
Where:  O-101, Downtown Campus
Cost:     Free
Registration: Begins Dec 30 – Ends Dec 31, 2018 @ 9pm
All women are invited to join this in depth study of women in the Bible: ‘Entering the Promised Land’.
When:   Jan 18 – Mar 22 
Where:  R-116, Redwood Campus 
Cost:     $10 
Registration: Begins Dec 12 – Ends Jan 26 at 9pm 
The Building Blocks study is designed to go deeper into 5 of the powerful principles from the Love and Respect series. Emerson Eggerichs gives practical applications on how to incorporate the principles into each of the 3 Love and Respect cycles as they apply to your marriage. 
When:   Feb 7 – Mar 14 2018
Where:  E-107, Downtown Campus
Cost:     $15 per couple (only one person registers)
Registration: Begins Dec 15 – Ends Feb 7 at 9pm