Our Vision

Our Mission: “What We Have Been Called to Do”

Connect ~ Grow ~ Go 

  • Connect with Jesus
  • Grow Together
  • Go Make Disciples Who Make Disciples


Our Strategy: “How We Will Accomplish Our Mission”

In the Community for the Community

Worship Services • Life Groups • Outreach
Worship – We believe there is power in corporate worship. We gather as a large group each weekend to worship and praise God, and to be inspired and instructed by His Word.
Life Groups – Our Vision involves everybody actively participating in a Life Group.
We grow best in close relationships with other believers who are sincerely committed to
Jesus and each other.

Outreach – We believe we should be ready to demonstrate Gods love for others.
This includes in our neighborhoods, our workplace, reaching out in our community (Local Outreach), and keeping a global perspective (Global Outreach). 

Light House