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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of River Valley Church. 
Even a casual reading of Scripture reveals that the commitment of believers to one another is anything but casual. The Scriptures call us to love one another, outdo one another in showing honor, live in harmony with one another, instruct, greet, comfort, serve, bear the burdens of, forgive, encourage, always seek to do good to, exhort,
stir up to love and good works, confess your sins to, pray for and show hospitality to one another. The Bible upholds a radically counter cultural vision of interdependence marked by love, service, humility, sacrifice and sympathy.
Believers may pursue these obligations to each other through many avenues, but the primary way in which we are to fulfill them is within the fold of this messy and beautiful reality called the local church. And, as participants in the body of Christ, believers are called “members,” so this participation in the local church body is called membership.
Membership is an affirmation and agreement to contribute to the good of the church rather than consume from it. It is a formalization of that which already implicitly exists in the teachings of the Bible.
Connecting Point is our official membership class. There will be an opportunity for you to make comments or ask questions about the Lord, or our church, that came up in your reading. If you decide you are interested in pursuing church membership, be ready to affirm the Membership Commitment listed in the booklet (p.20-22).
Upcoming classes are listed in our Worship Program or you can check the calendar to see if classes are scheduled soon. Questions? Contact Dana Goens.
NOTE: Take your children to their usual Sunday school class. Teenagers are more than welcome to join us.