Crown Him Web SidebarOur Core Values

Christ Focused/Word Centered
We desire to be a church where everything we are and do centers on the person of Jesus
(Rom. 11:36) and His Word (2 Tim. 3:15,16).

Grace Oriented
Living under God’s unconditional and inexhaustible love, acceptance and forgiveness and extending that same grace to others. Jesus came for the sick and needy, therefore we will minister healing and recovery, bringing people to Christ-centered wholeness. (Titus 2:11-14;
Col. 3:12-14).

Faith in God
Nothing is impossible with God (Luke 1:37). We believe God wants to build His church and use us in a significant way in this world. Not because of who we think we are, but because of who God is and how desperately people need Him. (Eph. 3:20; Matt. 16:18; Matt. 9:29).

Vision and Mission Oriented
We believe in accomplishing our God-given vision and mission over the maintenance and survival of an institution.

Church of Life Groups
Authentic communities of faith where people deeply love Jesus and one another. As the church grows larger, we must grow smaller with Life Groups.

Unity in essentials, freedom in non-essentials (agree to disagree).

Message vs. Methods
The Message (God’s teaching in the Bible) must never change, but methods (church strategies, programs, structures, and styles) must change when appropriate, in light of our changing world, in order to most effectively reach people. The church should be culturally relevant (informal atmosphere, contemporary music, application oriented, etc.) while remaining Biblically pure. (1 Cor. 9:19-23; John 17).

Target Groups Ministry
Because the opportunities for ministry are so broad, we choose to emphasize ministry to target groups, (for example: youth, children, singles, young families, seniors, people in recovery. (1 Cor. 9:19-23).

Church of the Valley
We play an important role in the overall “church” of Grants Pass and the surrounding areas. We are lovingly united with other Christ-centered churches in our valley in a fellowship known as “Church of the Valley.” (Eph. 1:1; Rom. 1:7).

Doing things with excellence honors God and inspires people. (Col. 3:23).

Church Leadership
Christ is the Head of the Church – He gives authority to Elders/Pastors as a team to lead and shepherd His church. The Senior Pastor is
a leader among equals. Elders/Pastors need to provide ongoing communication to the Body as well as soliciting input from the Body on a
regular basis. (1 Peter 5:1-4).

Meeting Needs
By discovering and meeting perceived needs, we earn the opportunity to meet people at their point of real need, Jesus Christ. (Matt. 9:35-38).

The Bible puts a high value on the family as one of the primary God-ordained institutions in society. We are committed to cultivating and supporting families in their quest of becoming more like Christ. (Eph. 5:21 – 6:4).

The Big Picture
We emphasize that God is most concerned about three things…the What, Why, How of the Christian life. These have been called
God’s Trifocals.

Love is what we are supposed to do. Jesus said that love is the greatest commandment, and that by loving God and others, we fulfill all the commands of the Bible. (Matt. 22:37-40; Rom. 13:8-10).

Glorify God
This is Why we are to love–so that in all things God will look good and be more clearly revealed in our lives. We love so that we keep the spotlight on Jesus. (1 Cor.10:31; 1 Peter 4:11).

In the Power of the Spirit
This is how we glorify God in our love. There is only one way to do this– only through depending on the power and control of the Holy Spirit in our lives. (John 15:5; Gal. 2:20; 3:3; 5:16; Rom. 8:1-18).