We love children here at River Valley Church and want each one to spend eternity with our wonderful Lord. Our mission is for each child to come to a saving understanding of the gospel and have a real relationship with our savior Jesus. The Bible is our curriculum, printed materials and programs are our resources, and adult volunteers are our living examples, demonstrating the love of God and life changing principles to your child. See you this week! ~ Pastor Chuck
In our infant and crawler rooms, we share God’s love with His tiny treasures by maintaining a warm, caring, and safe environment. All of our volunteers have years of experience caring for babies. This ministry is available at our downtown, Murphy, and Redwood campuses. We also offer a Child Celebration, read more…
As children move into the preschool years, we lovingly and purposefully teach them the foundation necessary for a saving faith in God. Our desire is that all children will know that God created them, loves them, and sent His Son to save them. This ministry is available at our downtown, Murphy, and Redwood campuses. Read more about Faith Kids…
In our early elementary program, we build on their faith in God and dig deeper into the truth that is found in scripture. In addition to small group activities and lessons, children also get to experience a live performance in our Calico Theatre that makes God’s Word come alive! This ministry is available at our downtown (K—3rd grade) and Murphy (1st—5th grade, same curriculum, but no live performance) campuses. Read more about Truth Kids…
Students engage in small group discussions, learn truths from the Bible during multi-media lessons, compete in games, and pray for each other. A daily Bible-reading guide and weekly memory verse are provided to help kids grow in their personal relationship with Christ. This ministry is available at our downtown (4th—5th grade) and Redwood (1st-5th grade) campuses. Read more about Kids 4 Christ…
As an outreach of Christian love and service to our community, we provide state licensed child care and an educational experience in a warm, friendly atmosphere for children 8 weeks through 5 years old. This ministry is available at our Downtown Campus, Monday through Friday, 7:15am to 6pm. Preschool hours are 9am to 1pm. Read more about our Preschool & Childcare Center…
It is our desire that all children feel loved and included. In an effort to meet individual needs and provide consistency, each student in our buddy program is matched with a trained volunteer who has made a weekly commitment to be a one-on-one helper. This program is currently available at our downtown campus.
Trail Life 
Trail Life USA 
is Christ-centered outdoor character development adventure program open to young men ages 5-17 that meets at the Redwood Campus. Young men will love the adventure and activities. Parents will love the commitment to a Christian worldview and moral consistency. For any questions contact Troop Master Todd Bushman at 541-226-7786.
We are in need of volunteers to keep children’s ministry running smoothly. If you are interested in serving, please fill out a Children’s Ministry Application and Background Check or contact our children’s ministry director, Allison Bolen. Areas of need are as follows: teachers, helpers, special needs buddies, actors, sound/light technicians, and computer check-in facilitators.